• SINPAST J/A 1Kg Epoxy Resin

2-component, multipurpose, solvent free epoxy resin with special fillers.

By mixing both components together, forms a medium viscosity, epoxy resin mortar that is used as a beton-contact system and a bonding bridge layer between old and new concrete and/or mortars. Also a fluid material designed for repair works and anchoring of steel rebars and threaded rods to concrete structures. After mixing, forms an epoxy resin mortar for several kind of applications either as an injection resin for the reparation of cracks (having a width of ≥ 3.0 mm) or as a pourable and/or injectable epoxy mortar to fill voits and cavities to concrete elements. 

SINPAST J/A 1Kg Epoxy Resin

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