• MAPEFIX VE SF 300ml Chemical styrene-free vinylester anchor

Mapefix VE SF is a two-component chemical anchoring product, packaged in 300 and 420 ml cartridges with two separate compartments containing component A (resin) and component B (catalyser), at the correct mixing ratio in volume. The two components are mixed together when they are extruded via the static mixer supplied with the cartridge. The mixer is screwed to the end of the cartridge, and no preliminary mixing of the two components is required. If only part of the cartridge is used, the remaining product may be used, even after a number of days, by replacing the original static mixer clogged by hardened resin with a clean, new one

Mapefix VE SF is recommended for anchoring elements in place, such as: • strengthening rods in construction joints; • immersed anchors and anchors in damp environments; • anchors in marine and industrial environments; • overhead crane and tram rails; • plant and sanitary equipment; • aerials and signs; • pylons; • safety barriers.

MAPEFIX VE SF 300ml Chemical styrene-free vinylester anchor

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