Reinforcement Steel and Meshes

The following products are available in various sizes and dimensions:

  • Reinforcement Steel B500C Elot 1421-3 (Greek and Italian)
  • Reinforcement Steel Φ8-Φ10 Bun on Hoops Stlll B500C ELOT 1421-3
  • Reinfocement Steel  Smooth (Wire) StI S220
  • Reinfocement Steel Connectors S500s
  • Column Mesh (Coats)
  • Steel Mesh T92 (Normal and Heavy)
  • Steel Mesh T131 (Normal and Heavy)
  • Steel Mesh T139 (Normal and Heavy)
  • Steel Mesh T196
  • Steel Mesh T251
  • Galvanized mesh

The price and dimensions are determined after telephone contact

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